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and he made it official. operation o "operation iraqi freedom" is over. on behalf of the 50,000 american families with a kid or mom or dad still over there and the contractor's families, what happens to iraq now and did anything else strike out at you from the speech? >> turn the page. that's the main message that jumped out to me. this is a new phase that's beginning right now. no mention of democracy. there was no mention of what could have been instead it was oh let's move on as a nation. those 50,000 troops that are still there are in training. they're not going to be in the same degree of danger as the troops that have been there in the past. they'll mostly been on their bases. there could be a tragedy if the country of iraq can't hold together in the worse case scenario they could get sucked into fighting but commanders on the ground do not want that to happen. >> more on this tonight on your late local news or on msnbc any
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time or tomorrow morning on "today." and from all of us at nbc news, i'm brian williams. we'll return your to your network news. welcome back. we'll have more on the speech. first let's get to our top stories here at 5:00. when an overseas flight you were on is supposed to last 14 hours but ends up lasts less than two it's a good bet something went wrong. fortunately for the more than 200 passengers aboard a quantas flight from san francisco to sydney earlier this morning what could have been a disaster ended up just being a disruption. it depended on which side of kwan as the flight 74 a passenger was sitting, as to just how bad things looked. less than an hour after taking off from sfo, those on the left
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side heard and felt something. >> it was a very strong shot. >> and uncomfortable vibration and a push and a -- you could feel something was wrong. >> but those on the right side of the plain could see the problem. sparks and flames coming from one of the jet's four engines. minutes later, over the plane's intercom, the pilot confirmed what many feared. >> we had an engive that blew. >> reporter: as you can see from the pictures the explosion didn't just incapacitate the engine it rip aid hole in the side of it. a 747 can fly with just two working engines, but losing one in such a dramatic fashion was cause to turn back to sfo. this is what tracking of the flight looked like on the website "flight aware." not only did flight 74 turn around it flew circles over the pacific as the pilot dumped fuel from the jet's tanks before making its emergency landing.
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according to pass goerns board, for all the problems during the flight there was no panic. they credited a flight crew that kept them informed, calm and most importantly, brought them safely back to earth. >> they kept talking to us and they just reassured us the whole way. >> reporter: while all the passengers were safe they were not exactly where they wanted to be, mainly, australia so the airline put them in bay area hotels last night and send manage of them to los angeles today on their way to sid snee. a passenger's video camera rolled as investigators in amsterdam walked two people off a plane for questioning. both men are live here in the u.s. they are not charged with a crime and may not know each other but suspicious items in one man's luggage prompted speculation they might be prktiesing for a terror attack. a cell phone taped to a pep to
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pep toe bismol bottle. they wait while investigators sort things out. and today there was a blood drive to help police officer, todd young, who was shot last week serving a search warrant. he under went another round of surgery today which doctors say was successful. although he remains sefly sedated he's serious but stable. so far he's required dozens of pint of blood and still has several surgeries ahead of him. the community is stepping forward by donating their own blood. today was the second day for the blood drive. today was the final day of california's legislative session and there's still no state budget. even though we're two months into the fiscal year. to close california's $19 billion budget gap, democrats want a combination of spending cuts and taxes while republicans want only cuts. both sides put their but joets
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up for vote tay and neither one got the two-thursday majority needed for passage. >> the only consequence is when people on election day decide to throw them all out and right now i would make that vote to throw us out. having us here on a full-time basis if we can't solve this problem we're not worth having here. >> reporter: if there's no budget by friday this will be the second longest budget delay in the state history. the bay area is, once again, watching apple. nbc bay area business and tech reporter scott budman says apple may change the way we watch television. they've already changed the way we buy and listen to music and talk on the phone so why not? apple's invitation they sent out hinted music so we're likely to see changes to the ipod. but what's stirring up interest is how the company is changing its apple tv service possibly rolling out new ways to download contents from the internet. the "wall street journal" said apple will unveil a new plan to
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let you rent tv shows from abc xand or ffo 99 cents an episode. we'll let you know what's new tomorrow. apple's shares a bit higher ahead of tomorrow's event. but overall, consumer kofgs a bit higher but not enough to support a strong rally. today they ordered the all-electric nissan leaf it starts at around $32,000. it went on sale in california today, even those withheir orders in will actually be able to drive them until december. and lisa, coming up tonight at 6:00, more on how you and your car can help the environment. >> okay, thanks a lot, scott. people on the eastern seaboard with warned tonight to be ready to evacuate if higher education earl gets too close to shore. from north carolina to maine, people are keeping a close eye on earl. and it's projected path. even if the category 4 storm stays offshore it could cause h serious damage. emergency management teams are reviewing evacuation plans just
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in case. >> what scares me the most is a hurricane. there hadn't been a hurricane here on long island to this degree since 1938. >> this start ming image from the international space station shows how massive hurricane earl looks to the astronauts. and the bay area chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. jeff, my mother lives on cape cod in massachusetts. i sent her a text today, are you ready? it looks likes this storm system, even though it's not expecting a direct hit will give a glancing blow to a lot of the east coast. in the carolinas and long island and also, indicating cape cod looks like they could have some hurricane-force winds in the next five days. back here at home we had fog earlier this afternoon. i took this snap shot at about 2:30. as we transition this to the current picture, yes. look at this. the fog is evaporating. when the fog evaporates this time of the day we're under a
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heating trend across the bay area. 76 right now in san francisco. winds only west at 2 miles an hour. we've seen warming across the entire bay area from the north bay with mid 80s to close to 90. in livermore and plenty of mid 80s from san jose to sunnyvale. the trend tonight is fok clearing at the coastline. fog clearing for tomorrow as well and it will leave hot temperatures inland with plenty of 70s and 80s even at the coastline. and then we'll see cooling weather in our seven-day forecast. here's a look at the fog at lower levels. you'll notice the clouds, it's not very consistent. a lot of holes getting punched in this and that's because the holt air aloft is really taking hold hold of the bay area. we not only have warm air in the southwest, this region of high pressure moves in from the pacific and helping to ramp things up so it's holt for wednesday and thursday, inland, with plenty of 90s for the bay area and thursday, remaining sunny at the coastline with 80s
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at the coast. it will be warm to hot here. it doesn't look like we'll see as many records as we had with the last heatwave last week. hurricane earl, here's your track for thursday and friday on the coastline of the u.s. still staying at category storm strength. more coming up in the 6:00 p.m. show on that. otherwise, tomorrow we'll see temperatures here in the 90s for the south bay. also for the peninsula, inland, close to 100 degrees. in the east bay, with mid-to-upper 90s. as we continue here you'll see 90s all around, all the way into the north bay. more any time on the weather channel on cable. you can get more on the seven-day forecast coming up at 6:00 p.m. which shows cooling as we head into the upcoming weekend. >> jeff, thanks very much. and "the nightly newthe "ni next with more about the president's speech about iraq. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. more local news at 6:00. see you then.

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